Phaser. SignalBinding

new SignalBinding(signal, listener, isOnce, listenerContext, priority, args)

Object that represents a binding between a Signal and a listener function.
This is an internal constructor and shouldn't be created directly.
Inspired by Joa Ebert AS3 SignalBinding and Robert Penner's Slot classes.

Name Type Argument Default Description
signal Phaser.Signal

Reference to Signal object that listener is currently bound to.

listener function

Handler function bound to the signal.

isOnce boolean

If binding should be executed just once.

listenerContext object <optional>

Context on which listener will be executed (object that should represent the this variable inside listener function).

priority number <optional>

The priority level of the event listener. (default = 0).

args any <optional>

Additional arguments to pass to the callback (listener) function. They will be appended after any arguments usually dispatched.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 22


active :boolean

If binding is active and should be executed.

Default Value:
  • true
Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 93

callCount :number

The number of times the handler function has been called.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 86

context :object

Context on which listener will be executed (object that should represent the this variable inside listener function).

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 63

params :array|null

Default parameters passed to listener during Signal.dispatch and SignalBinding.execute (curried parameters).

  • array | null
Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 100


detach() → {function|null}

Detach binding from signal.
alias to: @see mySignal.remove(myBinding.getListener());

function | null -

Handler function bound to the signal or null if binding was previously detached.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 136

execute(paramsArr) → {any}

Call listener passing arbitrary parameters.
If binding was added using Signal.addOnce() it will be automatically removed from signal dispatch queue, this method is used internally for the signal dispatch.

Name Type Argument Description
paramsArr Array.<any> <optional>

Array of parameters that should be passed to the listener.

any -

Value returned by the listener.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 102

getListener() → {function}

function -

Handler function bound to the signal.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 162

getSignal() → {Phaser.Signal}


Signal that listener is currently bound to.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 170

isBound() → {boolean}

boolean -

True if binding is still bound to the signal and has a listener.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 146

isOnce() → {boolean}

boolean -

If SignalBinding will only be executed once.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 154

toString() → {string}

string -

String representation of the object.

Source - core/SignalBinding.js, line 189
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