Phaser.Component. InputEnabled

new InputEnabled()

The InputEnabled component allows a Game Object to have its own InputHandler and process input related events.

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input :Phaser.InputHandler|null

The Input Handler for this Game Object.

By default it is disabled. If you wish this Game Object to process input events you should enable it with: inputEnabled = true.

After you have done this, this property will be a reference to the Phaser InputHandler.

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inputEnabled :boolean

By default a Game Object won't process any input events. By setting inputEnabled to true a Phaser.InputHandler is created
for this Game Object and it will then start to process click / touch events and more.

You can then access the Input Handler via this.input.

Note that Input related events are dispatched from, i.e.: events.onInputDown.

If you set this property to false it will stop the Input Handler from processing any more input events.

If you want to temporarily disable input for a Game Object, then it's better to set
input.enabled = false, as it won't reset any of the Input Handlers internal properties.
You can then toggle this back on as needed.

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