Phaser.Physics.P2. GearConstraint

new GearConstraint(world, bodyA, bodyB, angle, ratio)

Connects two bodies at given offset points, letting them rotate relative to each other around this point.

Name Type Argument Default Description
world Phaser.Physics.P2

A reference to the P2 World.

bodyA p2.Body

First connected body.

bodyB p2.Body

Second connected body.

angle number <optional>

The relative angle

ratio number <optional>

The gear ratio.

Source - physics/p2/GearConstraint.js, line 18


game :Phaser.Game

Local reference to game.

Source - physics/p2/GearConstraint.js, line 26

world :Phaser.Physics.P2

Local reference to P2 World.

Source - physics/p2/GearConstraint.js, line 31
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